Alyssa - Love Hard - New Album Cover.jpg

Love Hard

by Alyssa Bonagura

With the help of my fans and i was able to create an album which had been stuck in my head for years. As an artist paints different pictures, musical artists always tend to change their direction by inspiration. A step in a very different direction for me at the time was to create this pop album. It was so refreshing to hear the ideas in my head come to life. So happy that people supported my vision for this in 2012 after my song "I Make My Own Sunshine" was featured on a nationwide Lowe's commercial. I believe whatever direction we choose, if we put our minds to it and believe, then we will eventually get to the goal we are trying to achieve. When we get to the end of that road and say "Ok. I climbed that mountain. Now on to the next one." we take with us what we learned from the journey and apply it to our next creation. Thats how I feel about this record. I had to take a detour from my acoustic music and just rock out for a minute..