Alyssa records "Unbreakable" Duet with Jo Dee Messina

In today’s world, we are oftentimes hard pressed to find people who practice what they preach. Those who call for peace and the respect of others don’t always hear their own messages and pleas, making it difficult for others to follow suit. However, in today’s world there are also those who are leaders; who are honorable; who are worth idolizing.

On the latter list sits a country artist by the name of Jo Dee Messina — a woman who doesn’t only practice what she preaches, but who frequently leads her fans to discover themselves and spread humanity and love to others. This is why Jo Dee’s message of love, hope, and acceptance in her song “Unbreakable” (with Alyssa Bonagura) carries so much significance and power.

“Unbreakable” sends a message of unity, integration, and understanding that everybody is cut from different molds, creating a diverse world that is filled with more colors than the eye can see. The chorus begs for a change, dreaming for a day when we can

Use our hearts to heal, our hearts to see, if we opened up our minds and had the will to believe; imagine being in this world, where everyone lives in harmony, yeah we would be unbreakable.

In addition to sharing their wish that people could join hands in harmony, Jo Dee and Alyssa vow that the result of this movement would create an unbreakable chain, ridding us of senseless acts of harm against innocent individuals.

Believe. Love. Faith. Stronger. Dig Deep. These are the components that will lead to the solution to the equation, according to the simple and beautiful video that Jo Dee resurfaced on her Facebook page today. A wonderful message with which to close out 2014 and welcome 2015.

Watch Jo Dee Messina & Alyssa Bonagura “Unbreakable” here!